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Expect More

Hello!  I wanted to share a little of my own personal testimony in this blog post.  For those of you that don't know, a large portion of our giving goes to our building fund, Expect More.  Our church started this campaign over 2 years ago.  We had a meeting with our families and prayed together for God to help us with our giving.  We pledged a monthly amount and also a miraculous provision amount.   Our family had great faith and we pledged a large amount for expect more.  I am the one in the family that stresses about the finances so I will tell you it took a LOT of faith on my part and I was still very...

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Prison Ministry

The Princess Within in the Reformatory 2009 the first Princess Within was birthed in Dayton Ohio. This conference was for young ladies 8 to 25. It was a huge success with 400 girls in attendance. As the years went on The Princess Within went to National and even Europe. God was blessing this conference. Sleeping one night I awoke to my name being called "Karen, Karen". I searched my home looking for the one calling for me and of course couldn't find anyone. I began to pray at my couch and heard God's sweet voice whisper, "Prisoners are Princesses too".. As soon as the chaplain arrived at the Ohio Reformatory for Woman in the morning, I began to get this...

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