Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry

The Princess Within in the Reformatory

2009 the first Princess Within was birthed in Dayton Ohio. This conference was for young ladies 8 to 25. It was a huge success with 400 girls in attendance. As the years went on The Princess Within went to National and even Europe. God was blessing this conference.

Sleeping one night I awoke to my name being called "Karen, Karen". I searched my home looking for the one calling for me and of course couldn't find anyone. I began to pray at my couch and heard God's sweet voice whisper, "Prisoners are Princesses too"..

As soon as the chaplain arrived at the Ohio Reformatory for Woman in the morning, I began to get this incredible conference in motion. God literally started giving me the topics to teach, The forgiven princess, the loved princess, the sent princess, the abused princess, the disappointed princess and the addicted princess.

To date we have had the honor of hosting three Princess Within Conferences in Ohio Reformatory for Woman. I have been Apostolic my entire life and have never felt God stronger than when these conferences are in session. Three Hundred plus inmates have received the gift of Holy Ghost that we could count. Many lives changed and some are still attending Apostolic churches around Ohio.

In Early spring God began to deal with me about traveling to each woman's prisons in every state with the PWC.

Sept 29, 2017 we will be traveling for the first time out of state to Nashville TN to the largest woman's prison in TN. February 2018 we have scheduled a conference in the WV Woman's Reformatory.

All donations given by Be Modest will go towards the purchase of gifts, food, flowers, embossed envelopes, pad, pens, lip balm and PWC decor. These conferences in the past have averaged $5,000 in expenses per conference. Of course anything purchased will be bought for up to 500 inmates per conference.

We are so thankful for the donations that will help spread the gospel in this lost and forgotten world. Most of the Bible was written in prison.

Karen Rhinehart
National Women's Esprit President

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